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         Atishay Kalit is an open access, peer-reviewed Research Journal of Fine Arts, Culture and Humanities. The Journal encourages creative original research and critical discourse in Fine Arts, Culture and Humanities. It seeks to contribute to the debate and discussion in field of fine arts and aesthetics, traditional and contemporary culture, and the disciplines of humanities. The Journal examines how culture, arts and humanities enrich society and how they have a humanising impact in our technocratic age and digital world. It endeavours to reinforce the value of arts, culture and humanities for social cohesion and well-being. The Journal explores beauty and aesthetic charm in fine arts, strives to project the rich cultural heritage and promotes interdisciplinary studies in humanities.

         This website provides all the information about the Journal, fosters collaboration among scholars and artists, disseminates information about new developments in the field of Fine Arts and Culture and promotes knowledge construction. The website underscores the value of fine arts, culture and humanities in building a humane society.

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