Journal Policies

Peer Review (Plagiarism) Policy:

All manuscripts undergo a blind review by two reviewers from the Review Board of Atishay Kalit. Acceptance of the manuscript will depend on the quality of the academic writing, insightfulness and originality of the paper, value of the research and soundness of the conceptual / methodological framework. Authors will receive a communication from the Editor / Co-Editor regarding:

  1. Acceptance or Rejection
  2. Request for minor corrections / major revisions.


Ethics Policy:

Atishay Kalit is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity.
Authors must ensure that their work is original. Material taken from other sources must be cited and necessary permission obtained. The work should not infringe any intellectual property rights. Data used, true and accurate. Any conflict of interest be clearly stated. Any submitted manuscript, if found to have been plagiarized before publication will be rejected straightway and the concerned author(s) would be blacklisted. If evidence of Plagiarism in any published article is brought to light, the author(s) would have too face the consequences as per Indian law.
Reviewers must maintain confidentiality of the review process and be fair and impartial. Any competing interest that could affect the impartiality of the review or lack of subject expertise that may constrain proper assessment should be a reason to decline review. The reviewers should not be influenced by religious or political beliefs or be affected by any extraneous considerations.